Americaloc GL300W 4G

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This is a compact and small device. You can use it for almost every tracking purpose: vehicles, assets, family, employees, etc. It is easy to carry in vehicles, pockets, backpacks, cases and boxes. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 14 days based on its usage. Can be wired if needed. You can also place it under the car inside a magnetic case.

Works in the US, Canada, Europe and in almost every country in the world. Real Time Tracking and 1 year of tracking history. Track from any computer, tablet or phone or just download our Android and Iphone APP. You can also receive alerts on real-time events like speeding, switching device on/off, low battery, geofences, mobile network connection/disconnection, among others. Ready to use.

This is the longest battery life version with multicarrier service that uses signals from different mobile carriers to transmit (Extended coverage). This is the new version. No activation or hidden fees. Ready to use. Battery life measured in days or even weeks

$25 a month or even less. Americaloc will add 2 extra months to your first service purchase.

No contracts. No activation fees. No cancellation fees. Only pay for a plan when you need it.

Device automatically updates its position every 1 minute while moving, so you do not lose any detail. Need updates every 30 or 10 seconds? Sure, just email Americaloc support. Same price. Others charge you for that. We don´t.